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To blog or not to blog?

February 14, 2016  •  2 Comments

To blog, or not to blog?  That is the question.

I've never tried blogging before because frankly, the concept has always struck me as incredibly narcissistic. I mean, how much ego do you need to have to think that other people will be interested in your thoughts about whatever the hell you have thoughts about?

If you think that the color red is better than the color blue, blog about it. Broadcast your thoughts to the entire world about the reasons why wavelengths of light at 620 nanometers are better than light at 450 nanometers (blue is better, by the way).

I’m sure if I searched the interwebs enough I could find blogged opinions about anything and everything. Why canola oil is healthier than peanut oil? Easy to find and supported by FACTS. Why peanut oil tastes better than canola oil? Supported only by OPINION.

Are you positive that Johnny Unitas was the greatest quarterback of all time, blog about it. Jim Brown vs. Gale Sayers vs. Red Grange? What about O.J? Put your thoughts out there and let everyone read them. It’s only your OPINION, and who the hell cares about what YOU think?

Well, apparently some people do care about my opinion, or my experience; because a few (more than two) told me I should write about my thoughts and experiences in photography. 

Frankly, I have lots of thoughts and too few experiences.  I have never made my living from photography.  So other than being of above average intelligence and taking pictures for 50 years, I don’t believe that my opinion on anything photographic should carry any more weight than yours.  But those 50 years have given me some experience and knowledge that younger photographers may find interesting, or helpful, or laughable. Time will tell.


David Hidding(non-registered)
John, I know you care since you made a comment. ;)
Too bad, because I already have ten topics and a couple more entries already written.
John Dart Van de Merkt(non-registered)
Very interesting, but who cares what think!
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