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Behind the Scenes - Gabija

February 28, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Photography can be as easy as picking up your mobile phone and using it to take a picture. Or it can be rather involved.

As a teenager, I used only natural light for my photographs. I was young, had limited funds, and natural light was cheap. During college, I knew exact campus locations where there was great light for shooting portraits.

When I started shooting models and portraits in 2014, after a 25 year hiatus, I wanted to control the light so I wouldn't be dependent upon location, time, and weather for great light. Control appeals to my inner engineer. The problem with shooting with lights, is that you have more gear to haul and setup.

Yesterday I did a collaborative shoot with Gabija. I had a behind the scenes video camera running. The photoshoot was essentially a two hours shooting three looks, bracketed by an hour of setup and and hour of teardown.

Enjoy the time lapse.

Behind the Scenes with GabijaSetting up, shooting, and tearing down for a 3x3 shoot.


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